Account Based Marketing

ABM, or Account-Based Marketing, is a strategic business tactic that concentrates resources on a select group of target accounts within the market. At Swish Connect, we develop and implement campaigns that encompass six crucial steps in the ABM process:
  • Identifying target accounts.
  • Expanding contacts within targeted accounts through comprehensive research.
  • Engaging customers across various channels.
  • Connecting to understand and capture consumer interests.
  • Delivering the most relevant content based on consumer interests.
  • Nurturing and enhancing sales to close more deals with precise leads, resources, and support.
  • Through these six steps, Swish Connect ensures clarity in the search for target accounts, each company’s unique organizational chart, and gathering insights for segmentation and personalization. We scale up efforts to acquire more high-value accounts. Utilizing ABM, we pave the way to elevate your sales and revenue.
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